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5 Kg -pick up only -> once payment received adress will be sent.

I am an Official Gramma’s honey rep. For fort mcmurray area.

We have 5 kg or 500 g availible. Best price garantied!!! Canadian,Raw, unfiltered,never heated Honey.


When you introduce heat to honey, it changes the taste and color of the honey, altering it from its raw state. Excessive heat also alters or removes a lot of the beneficial properties of honey. Our patented system does not require any heat, ensuring that you are tasting honey exactly as it should be.


Truly raw honey is honey that comes unheated and unfiltered, straight from the hive with everything still in it that nature intended. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires honey to go through an 80 grid mess filter which can only be done if the honey is in a liquid form. This requires the honey to be heated which we do not want to do. In fact, we do not want to filter our honey at all. This means that you might find flecks in our honey, but don’t worry, those flecks are perfectly natural and safe to ingest. Because we refuse to heat our honey in order to put it through this filter, our honey has been given a “Canada no 3” designation. You can read more about this in the Canada No 3 vs. Canada No 1 section.


Our patented technology allows us to take Pure Raw Canadian Honey that is naturally crystallized and turn it into a most amazingly smooth and delicious honey that will stay soft forever or, more likely, until you finish the container. It took years to develop and perfect our patented system, but in the end we are able to offer our customers a completely unique product that stands above the other honey on the shelf – the only actually raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered honey that will not harden, but will stay soft forever. This claim has raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of questions, but we stand by our product and this claim with the utmost integrity.

5 kg Gramma bee's honey

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