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Are you experiencing digestive discomfort?

Did you know that virtually all digestive, nervous system & immune function is dependent on strong stomach acid?!

➤Strong stomach acid triggers stomach emptying so weak acid can play a role in gastroparesis & other bloating/gas & reflux disorders

➤Strong stomach acid is normally neutralized by strong alkaline gallbladder secretions (enzymes, bile salts, bile acids, etc), so when we don’t have a strong acid to cancel out those strong bases it can lead to imbalanced pH in the gut. So it’s not all about protein!

➤Strong stomach acid is needed for optimal functioning of the autonomic ns. Low acid is responsible for the poor emptying of the stomach as well as the ineffective lower esophageal sphincter (the valve between the esophagus & stomach) that allows acid to abnormally splash backwards into the esophagus.

➤Strong acid is needed in the stomach to break down proteins & amino acids to be used for DNA & neurotransmitter synthesis, to break down minerals to be taken to the cells, glands & tissues, maintaining lean muscle, enzyme synthesis & many more functions. Weak stomach acid leads to reflux, GERD or heart burn, constipation & nutritional deficiencies.

➤Strong stomach acid kills parasites, bacteria & fungus to keep our internal microbiome in balance. Weak stomach acid opens the door wide & can let some of the pathogens survive transit & start multiplying inside us in the SI/LI or any organ.

Could stomach acid be the cause of some